What is Whole Washington?

Whole Washington is an ambitious group of citizens and healthcare professionals, determined to bring single payer health care to Washington State through a statewide ballot initiative. We believe healthcare is a human right.

Why Single Payer?

Single Payer is a publicly financed health care system that builds on existing programs; it would improve and expand health care to cover all Washington residents

The initiative would guarantee access to comprehensive, high-quality and affordable healthcare to everyone who needs it, regardless of employment, income or health status

By replacing our current fragmented patchwork of competing private insurance companies (with administrative costs, profits and high executive salaries) with a nonprofit single payer program, Washington state would save enough money to guarantee comprehensive health care to all

Recent polls show that 60% of US adults want to expand Medicare for all. With each day that goes by, Washington residents continue to suffer because they are uninsured or underinsured, and families are bankrupted by medical costs and lose their homes. It’s time to act.

Help us get Single Payer on the ballot in Washington State! Donate online or you can send checks to
Whole Washington
PO Box 17500
Seattle, WA 98127.
Thanks very much for your support!


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A few FAQs before you email us! Right now we are just starting up, so we don’t have the initiative language written. We are fundraising for an important study to complete the funding portion of the ballot measure. This study is going to be done by Gerald Friedman, Bernie Sanders' campaign economist. Until that is finalized, we are building coalitions and a base of volunteers to get petitions signed when we are ready! Thanks for your interest! Sign up to volunteer today!

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