Q. How much will this new system cost?


In 2019, we are projected to spend nearly $80 billion on healthcare in Washington state alone under our current system. According to Dr. Gerald Friedman’s economic analysis, a universal public health insurance covering all essential health benefits would cost less than $70 billion, eliminating more than $10 BILLION in healthcare costs for Washington state residents. Yes, you read that correctly: it will SAVE Washington residents more than $10 billion!!! The savings isn't the only perk though.


Universal health public insurance saves on every aspect of federal and state funded healthcare administrations so the program has more money to fund healthcare. It minimizes the costs associated with provider administrative, insurance administration, fraud, and reducing the costs of prescription drugs by negotiating a better deal for everyone enrolled.


The benefits package would cover all essential healthcare, guarantee choice of provider, and nearly all out-of-pocket expenses giving Washington residents access to the healthcare they need when they need it. More people covered, more care and we still save money.

Q: Will I be covered if I get medical treatment outside the state?



The Board is instructed to make provisions for reimbursing qualified providers who provide services to enrolled individuals while they are temporarily out-of-state.


The provider would have to participate in negotiating and receiving payment for the covered services provided you receive. However, all providers who are qualified to provider covered services will be eligible to participate in the program, negotiating essential healthcare costs with any qualified provider on behalf of everyone enrolled. Unlike for-profit insurances, it is managed by a single entity that actually cares about the health and wellbeing of residents over profit margins.

Q: Will vision & dental be covered?



Yes, Dental and Vision will be covered.

Q. Why pay for an economic analysis?


In order to put the necessary funding mechanisms in the initiative, Whole Washington needed to know how much the system would cost. Dr. Friedman has done these studies for many different states, to include in those states’ bills and initiatives. Without this study, the campaign would have been exposed to the criticism that there is no funding and detractors could have used it as an opportunity to come up with their own projections. This happened recently in California and was the excuse some used for not pushing the Single Payer bill out of committee.