Will current Medicare and most other federal program enrollees be eligible?


Yes! Pending approval of a federal waiver to integrate Medicare, Medicare premiums will be reimbursed by The Whole Washington Healthcare Trust to Medicare recipients who enroll in the trust for expanded coverage. Medicare enrollees with incomes over 200% FPL will owe the premium established by the trust until federal waiver is granted integrating Medicare in Washington.

The board is instructed to reduce the premium owed by higher earning adults (including Medicare recipients) to the fullest extent possible, so improved administrative savings achieved result in a lower and lower premium over time even if the federal waiver is not granted to integrate Medicare directly. There are also temporary costs that we've accounted for like a "Displaced Worker" program and temporary waivers for businesses. Over time these costs will be reduced and the savings will also result in further reducing the premium (ideally to zero).

For more details, see the Medicare page

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