Field Directors

Whole Washington, the grassroots organization behind I-1600, is hiring Field Directors in each of the 10 Congressional Districts. The CD Field Directors will be the driving force to get the initiative the signatures it needs, and 50%+1 votes or more during the GOTV campaign. The Field Director will work to gain volunteers and support through grassroots activities such as recruiting signature gatherers, phone banking, door to door canvassing, and neighborhood events.

As Field Director, you must be able to execute on three primary objectives:

1. Recruit/oversee volunteers

A Congressional District Field Director (CDFD) must be able to identify potential volunteers, recruit them to gather signatures, and then check with them weekly on how the signature gathering is going. Also, a CDFD request of LD leads that they get resolutions passed in support of I-1600, contact their elected officials about endorsing the measure, and encourage them to have house parties. A CDFD must also deploy volunteers to upcoming events with signature gathering opportunities.

2. Hit metrics

This can be summed up in four-words: signature gatherer and voter contacts. Each week there are certain goals to meet– and it’s the Field Director’s job to make sure that happens. We need ~3,750 signatures per CD per week to make it to ballot. Some CDs will have more, some less. But this is the target.

3. Represent

A CDFD serves as the face of the organization, which means that having a strong presence in the community is essential. Specifically, this translates to attending events, speaking (sometimes to individuals, sometimes to large groups), and drumming up support. Sometimes these events seem trivial but the importance of just “showing up” cannot be overstated.

Do you have what it takes?

A positive attitude is necessary. Maintaining a smile when door after door is slammed in your face isn’t easy–but is anything that’s worth it ever easy? Needless to say, developing a thick skin will serve you well, too. Field Directors work with little or no supervision, so they’ve got to be trustworthy.


  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Knowledge of campaign strategy
  • Strong communication skills
  • Positive, go-getter attitude
  • Ability to innovate and take responsibility
  • Social media experience

Pay: $16-20/hr DOE
Position is part time (2 hours per week) with potential for more hours as campaign gains momentum.

To apply, email a cover letter and resume to

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