Our June Legends

It's time to 'Make it Rain' in June. 

We're in the final stretch of signature collection, and volunteers are going above and beyond to make our goal. They're putting themselves out there day after day, bringing a transformational idea to the people. No one's paid for doing this work. Gathering signatures for Universal Healthcare is done from the heart, for the good of our community, and for a brighter future for all of us.

There's been significant progress and incredible effort since signature gathering began, and we're incredibly grateful. This page focuses on the achievements of June only and celebrates goals met and exceeded as we hurtle toward the deadline. Check out these numbers of signatures turned in, and watch as fellow volunteers progress through the levels! A gracious thank you to these individuals and teams.


Bronze Level (100+)

  • Sean Arent
  • Andronetta Douglass
  • Jennifer Ferguson
  • Jessica Goldman
  • Alice Green
  • Laura Fielding
  • Angie Maenaught

Silver Level (250+)

  • Deb Kiesig
  • Bonnie Morris
  • Jen Nye & Tom Sumter
  • Wendy Woldenberg & Bob Anderton

Gold Level (500+)

  • Pamela Dalan
  • Georgia Davenport
  • Peggy Foy
  • Dave Leith
  • Mike Hickey

Platinum Level (1000+)

North Seattle Progressives

Double Platinum Level (1500+)


I Can't Even Level (2000+)


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