Q: Will this new system save Washington state residents money?

Q: Will this new system save Washington state residents money?


Yes! In 2019, we are projected to spend nearly $80 billion on healthcare in Washington state alone under our current system. According to Dr. Gerald Friedman’s economic analysis, a universal public health trust covering all essential health benefits will cost less than $70 billion, a savings of more than $9 BILLION in healthcare costs for Washington state residents, even accounting for costs related to expanding and improving coverage. The public health trust saves on every aspect of public and private funded healthcare administration, resulting in more than $9 Billion in savings on the cost of the current care being provided. As a result, the public health trust has more money to fund healthcare access. Providers can expect to spend 10% less time on administration, and we can all spend less on drug prices and fraud.

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  • commented 2018-02-06 09:07:30 -0800
    Actually, Dave, our current system is not working. We have a choice between involving our government which represents us or continuing to allow corporate rule to dictate the industry’s standards and price medications out of reach for millions who rely on them to LIVE. Corporate runned health care is not “care” at all, it’s a racket stuffing the pockets of CEO’s within the insurance companies, BigPharma and medical industry while many of our state’s citizens are suffering.
  • commented 2017-11-02 09:04:38 -0700
    You know, more government run health care is not and never will be the answer. We need less government involvement and no stinking lawyers involved in our health care system and the cost would come down dramatically. None of your articles state who will pay for this health care plan and more than that where are the doctors going to come from? Doctors are now leaving the field because of government regulation. So more health care and less doctors does not add up to better care. Finally I have not heard yet where in the World has government run health care worked? You can right now look at Canada to our north and many of them that can afford it will come the USA for many of there medical needs. We also need to be able to buy health care from any provider in the USA instead of our state of Washington insurance commissioner Mike Kreidler telling us who we can buy from, what a joke.