Story #3 – Unsustainable Situation

Story #3 – Unsustainable Situation

I have rheumatoid disease  – have had it since I was 14 years old and I am now 59. I also am a cancer survivor and the child of a colon cancer victim.  My biggest concerns are the ever increasing and ridiculously high costs of medications.  I am luck that I currently have great insurance and much of my cost of medications is covered.  But the huge cost of my medications is passed back to me and my coworkers in the ever increasing premiums.  This cannot be sustained.


Additionally I am concerned with losing the coverage of preexisting conditions.  I do not want to worry about not being covered if my job changes or I lose my job.  To me, this is blatant discrimination.  It is not my fault that I have a chronic disease and failing to cover this is treating me differently than others who are not in this same situation.
I have two sons who are under age 26 and in college and graduate school. One son has Rheumatoid Disease also. He works in a temp job with no insurance while he is finishing his master’s degree. My younger son is attending a local community college with no insurance provision.  How will they get coverage?
I am also concerned if costs increase for screenings and cancer check ups. Right now I am on the 5 year plan for colonoscopies and a yearly screen for lung cancer returning.  These screenings are vital to my health and survival.
I feel as long as we involve insurance companies in our healthcare coverage that we will always have problems. These companies need to make large profits and that is on the back of patients and the misery of being ill. This is not right and just.  This is also present with pharmaceutical  companies and their ability to set outrageously high and ever increasing prices for necessary medications.
Thanks for asking. I hope I have provided useful information.
C. C.

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