A few FAQs before you email us! Right now we are just starting up, so we don’t have the initiative language written. We are fundraising for an important study to complete the funding portion of the ballot measure. This study is going to be done by Gerald Friedman, Bernie Sanders' campaign economist. Until that is finalized, we are building coalitions and a base of volunteers to get petitions signed when we are ready! Thanks for your interest! Sign up to volunteer today!

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    Marrowstone Island Resistance

    The health of our nation is bound to the health of each individual. All of us require health services to maintain and restore good health. Healthcare, therefore, is a basic human right. In affirming this right, all of us – healthcare organizations, providers, users, insurers, legislators and public officials –are in a position to reduce the burdens of illness and disability and improve the well being of our community and country. We recognize that our current healthcare system is plagued with inequity, greed and waste, and continues to be unaffordable for many families. Our health is suffering. We can do better.
    We call for a national effort, involving the broadest possible base of stakeholders, to establish a healthcare system in the United States that includes the following qualities:

    • Provides timely access to healthcare assistance and information for all in our community
    • Coordinates preventive, primary, specialty, hospital and pharmacy services
    • Includes dental and vision care, mental health services and addiction treatment
    • Focuses on education, healthy lifestyle choices and preventive care
    • Fosters patient empowerment and the health of the whole person
    • Sets prices for consumers that are transparent and predicable 
    • Operates efficiently and minimizes waste• Delivers healthcare that is safe, rooted in best practices and proven methods of treatment
    • Supports publically funded, unbiased research to encourage innovation and effectiveness 

    We realize that there are no easy solutions for curing our healthcare system. While our nation is currently spending a vast amount on healthcare, finding a path toward a more effective and equitable financing system is a work in progress. We believe it is useful to make our healthcare vision clear and to continue working together to ensure healthcare for all.
    Jo Beachy on behalf of Marrowstone Island Resistance