Story # 6 - Wait Times in America

Story # 6 - Wait Times in America

The Health Care Program in the United States absolutely is ridiculous! First we played the pass me from one doctor to the next, nobody could just order the MRI until I got to the neurologist who asked where the results of my MRI were. Then the doctor orders the MRI and can't do anything because of course it was not done already and we wait. Insurance denies it and we wait, finally Insurance request more information, and we're still waiting until I get on the phone and get them to process it.

So, they decide to go ahead and approve it but they send it to a location that is not covered by my insurance. So I have to get on the phone and get it changed but then they kick it back and it has to go through approval again. So I finally get that MRI scheduled and the day before the MRI they call me and cancel it because they need not just a brain MRI but an orbital MRI as well to get the answers the doctor needs. So we rescheduled the MRI for this Saturday. It goes back to the doctor who takes a few days to order the orbital MRI then it goes to the insurance who denies it and waits for chart notes and results of the brain MRI before approving the orbital MRI. 

All the while, the doctors offices of course tell me that they are handling things and everything will be fine yet nothing has gotten done unless I am the one on the phone putting pressure. So after I spent the last hour and a half on the phone with insurance and the national Imaging Center, the agent I spoke to finally is taking personal interest in my case and has sent emails has attached records and has put the dots together so that maybe they will be able to get it authorized today. I am so tired of the wait game. I seriously feel like they are stalling in hopes that someone either dies or forgets that they are sick so that they don't have to pay for anything. Oh but don't worry, if they stall at least till September my deductible goes up to $3,500 from the current $450 so they will be able to get out of paying it anyway. So now, if you read my entire rant, if you would like to send some prayers that they would all get their jobs done and that I could have an MRI and get answers I would certainly appreciate all the prayers we can get.

-Tina Simpkins Kendall, Centralia, WA

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